Treats and their importance in dog’s lives

A pet lover always makes sure that his or her pets get only good food with care to help them grow into healthy adults- just like you would want an animal friend! Alongside basic meals given out daily, in addition, treats can be also added as long they're balanced.

But did you know that treats are also important to bonding with your canine friend? Dogs, like humans, have a social species make-up. Giving our four-legged friends some time for human interaction and sharing through special rewards. 

So, what do you actually need to know about treats and their importance in dog’s lives?

When and where do you give dog treats? 

Most of us just like to see our furkids' happy faces and give them pleasure in their daily lives. Dog owners use these favorite rewards as incentives for good behavior- they act as a reward that the pup earns when he has performed well, behaved kindly towards family members or other pets. Tasty food can make things even better!

Treats are also used during training sessions where puppies learn basic commands by following an already trained pet parent/handler team around.

Training sessions should be fun-filled with some yummy food as rewards which will encourage good behavior in any given environment from home to the park or town square.

Aromatic offerings such as spices work best because the scent has been shown time after again how important it is during training since positive associations lead on naturally into further skill development - at least until we need another refresher course.

You can condition your dog to like new places by giving them treats and lots of praise. For example, if you want them familiarized with the vet’s surgery before taking it into their new home then this strategy will work wonders! Be careful though- enticing dogs while sitting at dinner may teach them that whenever there is food around they should come over just as quickly so get ready for some training in patience.

If you want your dog to act in a well-mannered manner, it is important that they be rewarded only when calm and acting the way they want. If jumping up or barking for treats are given automatically no matter how nice of behavior was exhibited then these actions may become rewarding as well since there will always be some form of gratification from our pets if not enough attention has been paid elsewhere during their stays at home with us.

Treats importance and what else you need to consider about them

First of all, the treats provide your dog with a source of protein that is necessary for muscle building.

They also provide the necessary vitamins that keep your pup healthy, repairs body tissue, and creates necessary enzymes as well. It gives them energy while keeping their immune system strong. And let's not forget how happy treats make them! 

Remember to take into consideration that the key to keeping your dog healthy is paying attention and understanding the basics of what they need. 10% percent of their daily calories should come from snacks, treats, or both! 

Kenn&Kitt can help you with that! We make products for dogs with a specific need. All ingredients are hand-picked and solely sourced from high-quality providers in order to ensure that your pup gets only the best of everything! 

You love your dogs and want the best for them. Share with us what treats your furry friends enjoy in the comments!

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