Why is my Dog Itchy?

There is nothing more frustrating than watching your dog scratch their skin, lick their paws and rub their face on the ground. None of us like to think that our pets are uncomfortable and it is frustrating when we feel like we can’t help in the moment.

There are lots of potential causes for itchy skin in dog and it is important we get the right diagnosis. Treatment will depend on what is going on. For many, the right diet and dog supplements for itchy skin will play an important role.

What are the most frequent causes of Itchy Skin?

Itchy skin is one of the most common reasons a dog is brought to the vet. There are a range of conditions that can lead to itching including:

    • Parasitic infestations. We mainly find fleas and mites, though lice and ticks can also cause irritation.
    • Bacterial and fungal skin infections.
    • Atopic dermatitis. Allergic skin disease can affect any dog but younger pedigrees tend to be over-represented. Dogs can react to environmental allergens such as grass and pollen as well as ingredients in their diet.
    • Dry and flaky skin. Those prone to dry skin should not be bathed too often and we should avoid using harsh chemicals. Kenn & Kitt’s Call Me Coco Hypoallergenic Coconut shampoo and Kenn & Kitt’s Play it Cool Hypoallergenic Eucalyptus shampoo is a good choice for most breeds.

Diagnosing a dog with Itchy Skin

As well as examining the coat and skin of an affected dog, the vet may order some tests such as bloodwork, a skin swab and/or a skin scrape. Specific allergy tests may be ordered if there is a suspicion of allergies. 

Your vet will ask you about your dog’s parasite prevention, diet and whether or not they are regularly given dog supplements for skin and coat.

Treating itchy skin

We primarily need to address the underlying issue. So, for example, a bacterial infection will usually require a long course of antibiotics and a medicated wash. Many dogs will need some anti-itch medicine to break the itch scratch cycle and allow the inflamed skin to settle.

On top of this, most dogs will benefit from dog supplements for skin. Products like the Kenn & Kitt Skin & Coat dog supplements contain essential fatty acids to strengthen the skin barrier and retain moisture. A strong skin barrier prevents allergens from entering the body and triggering the immune system. Enriched with Salmon oil, Omega 3 and a blend of  DHA and EPA, this clever supplement also supports the immune system, helping your dog fight off any secondary skin infection.

The Take Home Message

Dog Supplements can help reduce the signs experienced by those with skin allergies and ensure your pooch maintains supple skin and a glossy coat. Well tolerated by most dogs, they’re a real no brainer when it comes to keeping your dog comfortable in their own skin.

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