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Call Me Coco, Coconut Shampoo

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Ready for team glam? Our creamy coconut shampoo pulls out all the stops to turn heads at the dog park.

Gentle on even the most sensitive skin, our hypoallergenic, naturally fragranced, and pH balanced formula deeply cleanses and softens your dog’s fur from head to paw. Fresh persimmon extract effectively deodorizes and controls odors. Careful you don’t sneak some of this sweet, sweet smelling shampoo for yourself!

Pleasant side effects of uncontrollable cuddling and IG story posts after bathtime may occur.

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Kenn & Kitt

Gentle on hooman skin

Kenn & Kitt


Kenn & Kitt

pH balanced

Kenn & Kitt


Kenn & Kitt


Kenn & Kitt


Reasons to bubble

Hypoallergenic formula

100% ph neutral

Vet-formulated and approved by our resident expert ‘dog-whisperer’

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