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The Overachiever Set

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Multivitamin & Digestive

Count this as the secret sauce to having your cake and eating it too, because in Kenn & Kitt’s world, you can have it all: a strong immune system and a healthy appetite for whatever life throws at you.

With a combination of antioxidants to protect against free radicals and provide essential nutrients; plus prebiotics and probiotics support for better digestion: our supplements provide the healthy boost every hungry and active dog needs.

Of course, when we say cake, we really mean our duo of multivitamin and digestive soft chew supplements, and when we say you can have it all, we really mean your dog can.

That overachieving, dawg. 😏

Each individual pack contains 60 counts of soft chew supplements. 2 packs in a set.

*Add-on Wipe Right with any supplement order and get it for $12.99!

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Truly cool supplements

Kenn & Kitt


Kenn & Kitt


Kenn & Kitt

No preservatives

Kenn & Kitt

Money back guarantee

Kenn & Kitt

Made in USA

Kenn & Kitt

Hooman grade

Reasons to chew

Made to be delicious without wheat

We stay true to the natural power of our supplements

We don’t play dress up. Natural colors, natural flavors, always

Proudly made in the USA with clinically tested, and globally sourced ingredients.

Vet-formulated and approved by our resident expert ‘dog-whisperer’

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