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Meet Kenn & Kitt

The howlin’ good dog care company designing human-grade quality products for our dogs. 

Founded by a team of passionate dog lovers, we wanted our partners in crime to enjoy the same quality of life that we do, and that meant uncovering some hard truths to fix, from the very start. 

We saw our dogs experience various forms of health conditions and ailments throughout their life, some life-threatening, and almost all uncomfortable: preventing these early on with clinically-proven methods - without regular trips to the vet- became our mission. 

We're changing dog care

What really got to us were the supplement choices available in the pet care industry. They lacked the scientific approach and detail that us ‘hoomans’ obsessed over in our own products. The selection of supplements and its ingredients were confusing, not proven to work, and stuffed with too many filler ingredients that our dogs didn’t need. us picky, but fun designs and bold packaging that truly capture our moments with doggos and puppers, and their cheeky personalities, were missing from our dog’s everyday health and lifestyle products. 

Until now.

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Our Approach

To bring that science-backed approach into our soft chew supplements, and what we call ‘bark-titude’ into our dogs’ lives and homes, we lead with Kenn & Kitt’s rule of 4:

🔸 Vet-formulated

🔸 Great tasting

🔸 Human-grade quality

🔸 Fun and enjoyable

to create supplements, dog care products and lifestyle goodies that support their everyday wellness needs. 

We also ask ourselves, does this bark joy? 😉 The answer is always, yes motherpuppers.

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