Our promise

We create products with the highlight quality ingredients and formulations tailored to your dog’s tastes and specific health needs. Everything we make that gets chewed, swallowed, washed or wiped, is vet-approved and made in equal amounts of wholesome, functional and bold: Hard for dogs and hoomans to resist!
Oh and did we mention a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Our products

We set the standards high with vet-formulated soft chew supplements that are easy to digest, tasty as treats, and clinically-proven to support your dog’s immunity, digestion, skin and coat, and joint mobility.
For that soft, glossy fur coat (no tangles please!), we trust our ph-balanced and hypoallergenic grooming goodies to nourish, moisturise and treat your dog’s skin and coat, head to paw.

Our process

All our soft-chews are manufactured in the USA, in a cGMP facility and are FDA and NASC audited which means that our finished products are routinely subjected to tests by a third party independent laboratory that performs an analysis to ensure label claims are met.

Our commitment to providing the best quality is further supported by a robust quality control process which includes:
Immediate quarantine upon receipt of ingredients.

🔸 A state of the art Near Infrared Spectroscope is used to confirm the identity of the ingredients.

🔸 All new ingredients are tested three times by an outside lab to validate that those ingredients meet the Certificate of Analysis claims.

🔸 Additionally, once per year, we use an outside lab to validate that the ingredients meet the Certificate of Analysis claims.

🔸 A sample is taken and various tests are performed, such as salmonella, E.coli, and other microbial tests.

🔸Ingredients are not used in production until all safety tests are reviewed and approved by our Quality Control Team.

🔸After production products are once again put through various testing methods which include Enterobacteriaceae, E.coli, salmonella, heterotrophic plate count, and/or yeast and mold depending on the type of product produced.

🔸We also have a testing system in place to validate the final product meets label claims.

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